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What is petter?

Petter is here to bring families and animals together. Finding a new family member has never been so meaningful and easy. Just sit back and relax and swipe your way to your ultimate buddy.

This app is specially developed to support animals who are left alone in an asylums or shelters. Are you going to give back an amazing life for those who are in need? Definitely possible now Petter is a couple swipes away!

What we offer

We offer a user-friendly platform for organizations and adopters. For those who have pets and for those who are searching for one. It doesn't matter what kind of pet it is, there is space for any kind as long as it fits on the picture :). Petter makes life better!

Why Petter?

A better question, why not! We mean, this is the opportunity for lots of lives to get a second chance and the option to easily find a match between families and pets! If you are not convinced, here are some advantages:

⁃ It has been created by a lead developer who grew up vegan and surrounded with pets, so you know for sure the intentions are real! The voice of the animals meets technology.

⁃ You can still sign up for free, so what are you waiting for?

⁃ You are one app away from starting a world changing innovation in the animal industry.

⁃ There is even a support desk willing to help you out with questions.